Reputation Management

Getting on Track with your Reputation Management

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation Management can be defined as the methods, techniques and practice of maintaining and developing a superior reputation associated with your brand online.

An organisation’s reputation online manifests itself as the mix of positivity and negativity in several kinds of content, all of which are visible in search results, by the following of links, and searches within the social media platforms:

Content in the form of articles, press reports, blog posts

Company and personal profiles including Google+ , Facebook, LinkedIn (and other) profiles

Business listings (citations)


Company news


Furthermore, within the above kinds of content, a brand’s reputation hinges on the extent, accuracy and consistency of the content e.g. businesses need to check that addresses are consistent across the business listings.  Why not try our free tools – a) online reputation test b) business listings completeness check


What Can Be Done to Manage A Business’s Reputation?

Although you can not control the conversation taking place about your brand, you can choose what information to share with your audience. Care should be taken when posting all potentially sharable objects such as images, videos, podcasts, documents, posts and comments.

Managing reviews is also key and the foundation of that capability is to give your customers the opportunity to provide feedback, good or bad, while having the means to react quickly to that feedback. The Glowing Reputation platform provides all of that as well as guiding the customers on how to leave their good feedback as reviews.