What is Reputation Marketing?

Reputation Marketing can be defined as the methods, techniques and practice of maintaining and developing a superior reputation associated with your brand online.

What is the Glowing Reputation Marketing Platform?

It is a hosted system which helps subscribers turn customer feedback into 5-star reviews.  Customers who leave positive feedback on a company-branded page are taken to a page that helps direct them to one or more online review sites (of the user’s choice). Any negative feedback can be shared and dealt with which prevents a poor review from being posted online. In addition, the platform provides the means to review overall feedback and online rating, be notified of new reviews and ratings as they occur, conduct reputation marketing and follow-up and promote the brand and share feedback.

Is it ethical? I do not want to be seen to be incentivising people to leave positive reviews or incentivising them not to leave negative reviews.

There is no incentivising involved when using the Glowing Reputation Marketing Platform. The positive reviews comeabout by asking customers who are leaving positive feedback if they would like to leave the same feedback in the form of reviews on review sites such as Google+, Yelp etc. The reduction of negative reviews is achieved by giving customers the opportunity to vent any frustrations or express negative feelings on company branded web-based forms. These forms are set up in such a way that the supplier of the product or service can intervene and address the concerns before the feedback is pushed out on to the web in the form of negative reviews.

Is it worth the effort? Will my prospects take notice of reviews of my product and service?

Yes, it is absolutely worth the effort. A survey performed by BrightLocal in 2013 (reproduced below) shows some
interesting statistics and backs up the importance of striving for a 5 star online reputation. Also, it is known that positive reviews have a significant impact on search engine rankings.

2013 survey on whether consumers read reviews