A London cocktail bar enjoys the taste of a 4.9 review rating

liqueur and spirits bottles neatly arranged on glass shelving behind a barThe Gibson bar, renowned for its world class cocktails, is enjoying a 4.9 review rating on Google. Only 2 of the reviews awarded by the 34 delighted and presumably slightly chilled out visitors were anything less than 5 star. The business owner impressed by responding to the vast majority of the reviews, even though the number of reviews was not vast (compared with the Nightjar’s 187 reviews, for example). The cocktails that were specifically mentioned in the reviews included the Gibson Martini,  the”Electric Earl” (Gin, Earl Grey liqueur, grapefruit, additional citrus fruits and a dash of bitters), the Bloody Mary and one called the Loch, Stock and Barrels (Glenmorangie, lemon, tabacco smoked honey, ginger wine, scottish thistle and heather grain ash flavoured cacao butter).
Other cocktail bars in London which impressed (all with Google review ratings of 4.4 and above) include Connaught Bar (4.4), PortSide Parlour (4.6), The Luggage Room (4.6), Peckham Springs (4.4), Mr Fogg’s Residence (4.5), Ladies and Gentlemen (4.8), Found (4.6), Oriole Bar (4.8), The Last Tuesday Society / Viktor Wynd’s Museum of Curiosities (4.7), Love Die Late (4.6), Kansas Smitty’s (4.8), East London Liquor Company (4.6), White Lyan (4.4), The Natural Philosopher (4.5) and Ruby’s (4.5)

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