Best Egg Benedict Meal in London

eggs benedict

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Eggs Benedict – a dish consisting of poached eggs and sliced ham on toasted muffins, covered with hollandaise sauce (according to Google). Not that I had to look up the definition as I am perfectly familiar with this tantalising and exquisite dish. But where are the best places in London where you can go to relinquish your eggy desire?

A “Nancy Y” (Hong Kong) specifically singled out The Bishop’s Gate kitchen on TripAdvisor as serving a “Good Egg Benedict”. Rachel from the SE23 area praised the dish at The Archie Parker on the Dartmouth Rd, Forest Hill. SE23 is my haunt, so that holds particular interest. Perhaps Rachel was taking refuge there in order to avoid the traffic congestion that is not uncommon on that street. Checking another local forum (East Dulwich), the Eggs Benedict at the Aneto Cafe is purportedly fabulous. Back on TripAdvisor, The Breakfast Club receives special attention for its ‘Benedict Eggs’. What has TimeOut got to say about this life affirming dish? Well, a quick bit of research and I can reveal that at the Bourne & Hollingsworth, W1 you can expect their huevos benedictos to be a perfect balance of spicy chorizo and creamy béarnaise while the Eggs benedictos dish at the Bukowski Grill, SW9 is apparently unmissable (and just down the road from SE23).

A.A. Gill, the renowned restaurant critic for the Sunday Times has written a whole book on breakfast at The Wolseley (in fact, that’s the title) and it includes a detailed recipe on Eggs Benedict, a dish the Wolseley is renowned for. The Evening Standard drew my attention to the highly reputable Mayfair café’s version of the dish and revels in reviewing (albeit a couple of years ago) a number of other establishments which compete in various ways. Find their review here.

The Riding House Café, Great Titchfield Street, popped up favourably in a number of reviews I stumbled on. I also discovered during this mouth-watering research that Eggs Benedict can be served a number of different ways – with lobster, avocado, spinach, roasted peppers, chilli, spring bubble ‘n’ squeak cakes and it is not uncommon for the traditional ham to be replaced with bacon, chorizo, pork belly, pastrami or salmon. Occasionally the English muffin is substituted for artichoke bottoms. Some of these versions are definitely not for the purists e.g The Table Cafe in Southwark serve something called The Stack – chorizo, smoked ham hock, baked beans, a toasted bagel, poached eggs and hollandaise. Personally, I am not convinced by the inclusion of baked beans, but this place is apparently ‘a gem’ and I am willing to give it a try.

There’s even a  Café in Merton which names itself after the great dish. A reviewer called Carin claims (in an entry on the Zomato site) the eggs benedict is brilliant and this is backed up by a healthy 4.7. rating on Google.

There appear to be no end of places to track down excellent manifestations of the dish. Squaremeal is another source of information on this subject and it is worth heading to their review of weekend brunches in London so I will leave you to it while I go off and see if there is any Advocaat in my drinks cabinet


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